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by Huntress on Mar 04, 2014 at 12:22 AM

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by Huntress on Aug 29, 2013 at 07:18 PM
Welcome to Piken's Square WvW community forums.

Piken Square is a server that has established ourselves as a guild orientated server. We also have good pool of friendlies from some less well known guilds, together we made Piken the great place it is today.
Piken Square is the unofficial Role Player server in the EU, this means that there are always friendly people running around in PvE as well as in WvW.

When Piken goes out into WvW our playstyle is different to the majority of servers as we mainly focus more on the open field fights than watching our points per tick. Our guilds love to play in small scale formations, supporting each other but always trying to make sure we don't zerg/blob together. We all play for the enjoyment of the game on Piken.

Our server is currently the highest ranked medium population server. While this means that we have a smaller playerbase with which we can fight with, we make up for it in the way we play. Currently our server is in need of players that play off-peak hours (11pmUTC-2pmUTC). While we are often outmanned at these times we make up for it in smarter tactics and better communication. Queue times outside of primetime are non existant, but from 5pm UTC - 11pm UTC we have an average queue time of 45 mins for all borders.

Piken Square hosts some of the best powerhouse guilds in GW2 and in the EU. Guilds such as RG, VII, TUP, HoB, AFTL, BOON, Scnd, GoW, GG, Mya, started and made their mark on GW2 with Piken Square. Currently in our guild roster we have such guilds as ST, RG, TA, AFTL, EXE, KA, CDD, Scnd, SWD, Necr, TNTD, Sprt, ObV, AwA, VEX, Runl, Onik, Gnam, HT, Pure, to name just a few.
Full list here - Piken Guilds
Current Piken Guilds recruiting - Guild recruitment

Our forums are used by all the guilds on Piken to discuss and plan things that are about the Piken community. We have several of our friendlies here too making sure anything Piken decides is not a guild dominated decision. We have a weekly meeting which everyone is allowed to attend and everyone has a voice on how Piken progresses as a server. Piken Square has it's own TS server for everyone to use be they guilds or the friendlies looking for others to group and play with.

Please feel free to watch some of our guilds in action here - Piken Guilds Videos

Become a part of the Piken Square WvW community, find builds, siege tips and general knowledge about WvW. Apply here - Application to Piken Square

If you are a guild looking to potentially move to Piken Square please contact(via theire main character names, just add them to your friends list) - Oracle Of Glint, Khrum, Tifawnia, Bamby, Apollo, Azizi Von Accara.
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10g and im yours for the night
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